Booth Details

The Hive Market will provide:

Table and or shelf depending on your booth size.

Framed artist statement with your logo. 

We are creating a cohesive space for local artisans so you will not be using a table cloth or vendor sign. You are welcome to bring items to boost and design your table. Once we assign you a space, you will know what the layout will look like for design. 



Your product detail

Pricing Products:

Please label all products with a price and a 3 letter code or your choice. We will input this in our POS for check out and sales reports. We will gather your ID after you are accepted.


Our mission is to support artisans by providing a space for them to share and sell their creations. We strive to include in our market items that are handmade, vintage, repurposed,  or produced locally. 

We do not accept “resale” products, including MLMs, or “party”-type businesses, our love for parties notwithstanding. 



Vendor Booth Fee:

If accepted into the market, you will receive an invoice for your booth fee. Due dates will be listed in each market application.


Monthly Booth Space Cost:

About 10 sq ft booth ($150/month)

About 20 sq ft booth ($175/month)

About 30 sq ft booth ($200/month)

Mini Space- about 2 sq ft ($75/month)

Vendor fees are collected to pay for the up-front costs of marketing, insurance and leasing our location.

Fees are payable only via the invoice sent to you, they cannot be collected from sales.

Commission Fees:

Each vendor will be charged 22% of gross sales (that’s the total earned before deducting costs). This fee is used to cover credit card processing, any discounts we choose to offer as promotions, and other expenses.



All vendors will receive payment by Paypal/Venmo for their net earnings, issued on the 15th and 30th of the current month attending.


Theft and Liability

We will do everything within our power to prevent theft of products and displays, but we cannot guarantee that items will not go missing or get broken. Our employees will be trained to spot and stop shoplifters, and we will make every effort to prevent any incidents; however, we cannot be held responsible if theft does occur. 


Sales tax will be collected through the central checkout and will be paid by us to the required agencies.

You will be issued a sales receipt with your payment. This can be used to submit your income for tax purposes.